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Return and Refund Procedures

Overseas Direct Purchase – Return and Refund Procedures

Goods directly purchased from overseas for personal use may be returned with an intention of withdrawing the purchase. If you export such goods previously imported with duty, you can request for a refund of this duty already paid on the condition that the goods are kept in their original state.

DHL is willing to assist you in facilitating the return and refund procedures. Also, according to the updated customs policy effective 10 April 2018, in addition to tax refund for return items issued with refund license, De Minimis export is also eligible for refund. Please carefully refer to the following information for your selection.

The application is also applicable to the goods imported by other carriers, but limited to the entry through Incheon Airport Customs. In case of goods imported through customs at other ports, the application needs to be made directly by the importer in person to the customs at the port of entry.
Period of Refund Application
  • Within 6 months of the day of import
Required documents for Return (De Minimis)
  • Export Invoice
    You may print the document for return provided by the online mall or download the document from DHL website.
Tax Refund Procedure and Required Documents (Korea Customs Service)

- How to electronically register for refund
  • Go to Customs UnipassExternal Link / New Window system -> 전자신고 -> 신고서작성 -> 제세/담보/관세법환급 -> select item #7 "과오납 및 계약상이 환급신청서"
  • 환급세관/부서선택 : 환급 받고자하는 세관 / 심사정보과 또는 조사(납세)심사과
  • 계약상이 사유 구분 선택 : [E] 개인 자가사용 수출
- Required Documents : Attachments for electornic tax refund (Hard copy not required)
  • BL, Invoice (Export confirmation document for return)
  • Seller confirmation of refund (Email confirmation on defect or return)
  • Refund receipt (receipt or bank statement)
  • Copy of bank account information
Tax refund procedures
  • Advise customer center that your return shipment is De Minimis when scheduling for pick up
  • Do not provide tax refund documents to the courier, only De Minimis shipment document
  • After refund by the seller, apply for tax refund directly to Korea Customs Service with the required documents indicated above (If electronic registration is not available, hard copies to KCS via fax or email is viable)
  • Tax refund in one or two weeks after application

Inquiries on KCS electronic tax refund : KCS technical support 1544-1285
Required documents for Return
  • Import permit
    If shipment was imported by DHL, you may use Import Declaration form 
  • Commercial invoice
    The commercial invoice is a record or evidence of the transaction. You may download the form directly from the vendor's site or at the DHL download center 
  • Personal statement of reasons
    Your personal statement should clearly outline the reasons you are seeking a refund 
  • Proof of purchace
    Please prepare your purchase receipt or screenshot of your purchase list/credit card statement.
  • Proof of defect
    Please provide a defect or refund confirmation by the seller (email, etc) 
  • Personal Information Consent Form
    Not applicable if you have already received through DHL
Required Documents for Refund (DHL will process refund)
  • Refund Application Form
  • Copy of your bank account information
Refund Procedures
  • When you contact our Contact Center for shipping, please let us know that you apply for a refund of duty for the returning goods.
  • Please provide our Courier with required documents at the time of pickup.
  • DHL will export the goods and apply for a refund on behalf of you.
  • Please be aware that the time it takes to receive the refund is around one or two weeks after application.
Refund Application FormExternal Link / New Window
Personal Information Consent FormExternal Link / New Window